CASTING TEENS with Unique Passions

CASTING TEENS with Unique Passions

SUBMIT BEFORE Friday, 11/16:

GENUINE is looking for Boys and Girls, ages 13-17, who live in the NY Tri-State Area. We want to hear from teens who have unique, creative passions:
• Do you want to become a sneaker designer or graphic novelist?
• Are you passionate about food and cooking or farming?
• Do you want to start your own business or create a new product?
• Are you active in your community?

Passionate about something not on this list? Tell us about it!

Those selected will be compensated and featured in an Internet Video.

We are searching in NYC, NJ and CT so please feel free to TAG and SHARE this info with anyone you think may be interested.

For more info, call GENUINE at 212-966-3211 or email us at casting@genuinerp.comLet’s chat! 212-966-3211

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