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Mar 21, 2016

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By: Jill Strickman – Founder
Discovering the right real people for your brand is surprisingly like online dating.
When clients come to GENUINE, they’re like romantic hopefuls who dream of finding “the one”. Optimistic, they tell us about all the consumer data they have that will help us facilitate the search. In an ideal world, this information will lead us to the perfect union of real person and brand.
But that’s rarely the case.
In fact, when the available data appears and is accessible, the number of possible matches begins to dwindle as emails bounce, phone calls go unreturned and the people that seemed so great online don’t live up to expectations in person. Digital profiles can be miles out of synch with how they actually present and interact as a real person.
Sound familiar?
Casting, like dating, requires GENUINE human interaction to determine if you’ve met your brand’s ideal match.
GENUINE works with clients to create a target profile based on their desired qualifications. These select criteria can be anything from preferred professions, expertise and passions, to medications or social media following. Together, we determine which values our clients are looking for in a potential brand partner, and establish any disqualifiers, too. Ready, steady—recruit!
We conduct hands-on searches across finely tuned networks to vet those worthy of an interview, blending our GENUINE intuition and proven methodology to bring you only the best quality. Once we’ve assembled a large pool of viable candidates, we can be assured that “the right ones” are in there!
However, identifying the perfect brand partner takes more than a simple swipe to the left or right! People often look great in their profiles, but there has to be a “spark” and chemistry to make a match and that can only happen in person.
A face-to-face interview is the truest way to determine if the person you found online is the right match for your brand.  We have refined the art of interviewing to a science to bring out the best (and recognize the worst) in potential candidates. GENUINE’s team of expert interviewers are uniquely adept at identifying a candidate’s strengths and revealing their best selves and determining their potential as the brand’s partner.
The more people you meet, the greater your chances are for finding your GENUINE match. 
We’ll kiss plenty of frogs so you don’t have to!  It’s a numbers game, but with time, research, and intuitive interviewing skills GENUINE will uncover “the right ones” for your brand!
Don’t be fooled by the data – information is a great start, but there’s no substitute for the human factor. Rely on GENUINE to manage a network of real people for all your brand needs from video content viewed by millions, TV commercials, live pod cast discussions, video testimonials, live events, to Social Media Influencer and Brand Ambassador programs.
Let GENUINE do the online dating and matchmaking and we’ll introduce and create lasting relationships with the right real people for your brand!

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