The Future of Real People Casting is Here—and it’s GENUINE!

Nov 06, 2017

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The good news is consumers have become your brand’s best marketers, making real people more influential for your campaigns than ever before.
The bad news is today’s multichannel world is increasingly competitive, complex, and confusing. Finding and vetting the best real people is getting tougher—and managing them is even more difficult.
Here at GENUINE we’ve been listening to your challenges, and working with you to help solve them. How can we better partner to lower costs, improve efficiencies, and make communication more seamless?
At GENUINE we think the sky is our only limit when innovating for our clients. Together we unleash the extraordinary in real people—so we’ve thought about extraordinary ways to improve your experience:
• What if you had instant access to interactive profiles of amazing real people for your brand?
• What if you could scroll through a gallery of their photos, view their interview videos, access their personal information, and download all the necessary paperwork from the same source?
• What if you could quickly search their profiles, share them, provide feedback for your team members in real time, and track everyone’s comments and “likes”—just like you do with your friends in social media?
•  What if you had ongoing recruiting to replenish that gallery and update existing profiles?
• And what if you could manage all your real people casting needs from an integrated experience that’s as easy and as fun to use as a social network?
We liked these ideas so much that we stopped just thinking about these ideas and started actually designing and developing an amazing new digital experience that makes it all happen.
Are you ready? We’re ecstatic to announce the launch of our new cloud-based platform catapulting real people casting into the 21st century!
We can’t wait to demo our new online platform containing profiles of instantly accessible real people candidates. Each profile contains photos, interview videos, downloadable assets, and areas where you and your team comment, rate, and share.
See for yourself how fun and easy real people casting becomes when you have all your candidates and their assets in one place—and you and your team are finally able to manage each candidate as effortlessly as you comment on posts in social networks. After only a few minutes, you’ll realize you can:
• Get the Most from Your Candidates
Of the hundreds of real people we discover, and dozens we interview, only a few can make the final cut. Up to now, countless everyday heroes end up on the cutting room floor, lost right after they’ve been found. You paid to find them, so why not keep them?
Since it’s so easy to keep track of friends with social media, we created RealPeopleBook to just as easily manage all your current candidates while getting to know new recruits. Never lose an incredible real person who might be perfect for your next campaign! Continue to build your gallery of compelling Real People with ongoing casting! Instead of starting from scratch, rediscover your everyday heroes and continually recruit new candidates ready to go.
• Improve Efficiency and Communication
We all know how hard managing dozens of candidates can be, especially if you’re working on multiple projects. With RealPeopleBook all your candidates are organized in one database, and every comment you make about them is saved and shared with your team.
Think about how this can streamline your projects, and save you time and money. No candidate is lost, and every voice on your team can be heard, ensuring you get the most value from each candidate at every step of the production process.

As the media landscape has evolved from broadcast and print into digital, social, and mobile tech, GENUINE has adapted our techniques and embraced new technologies to stay agile, flexible, and passionately customer-focused.
Call us for a free demo of GENUINE: RealPeopleBook and we’ll show you we’ve reinvented and revitalized real people casting. Gone are the days of losing great candidates and juggling multiple production streams, and here is your chance to make real people casting as fun and easy as using social media!
By: Sara Conte

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