• Jon Drawbaugh
    Jon Drawbaugh, Head of Production at Argonaut for Cricket Wireless

    "We are all so pleased with the work. Cricket is over the moon about it. We couldn't have done it without GENUINE. Literally."

  • Jose Barrios
    Jose Barrios, Line Producer

    "I can't thank GENUINE enough for the great cast we ended up with on the COVID-19 Vaccine PSA I produced for the CDC. The images captured are beyond beautiful. Each and every person they found was a pleasure to have on set and they all had a great time! "

  • Ellen Lacey
    Ellen Lacey, Associate Director, Content + Production at C-Space regarding Stop & Shop

    "You all rocked it. With such a short deadline, we knew we could trust you to find the real talent. Client loves them, we love them. #nothingbeatsreal"

  • Peter Ostella
    Peter Ostella, Executive Producer, Head & Shoulders #HeadstrongAds Superbowl 2019.

    "Stop looking around and just book these guys now. If you are still reading reviews, you are wasting valuable casting time"

  • Annie Burger
    Annie Burger, Producer / Energy BBDO

    "I was thankful to partner with GENUINE who helped us find modern day superheroes for the #MoreThanATeacher Ziploc campaign. As a producer, this was my first experience with real people casting. The project really turned out to be something incredible and we couldn’t have done it without them!"

  • Patrick Riordan
    Patrick Riordan, Creative Media Lead / NIIT

    "My experience working with GENUINE was seamless. Their intimate knowledge of the casting business and excellent communication helped me design a truly global suite of commercials for my clients. Thank you!"

  • Alysa Vasapolli / Producer 
    Alysa Vasapolli / Producer , Cult360/CultHealth

    “We had a particularly challenging project for the GENUINE crew, which called for a wide pool of patients with very specific, medical requirements. GENUINE not only found our heroes, but they put us in an odd predicament. They gave us too many great candidates to choose from! And it wasn’t a fluke –GENUINE is good, and now a valuable resource for our recruiting needs”

  • Cathy Pitegoff /Director of Business Affairs
    Cathy Pitegoff /Director of Business Affairs, Havas Worldwide

    "Jill Strickman and her team are the first I call for real people casting. They are by far the leading experts: buttoned up, consummate professionals, with a "can do" attitude. Working with Jill's team alleviates legal and clearance concerns, which translates into saving time and money. And if their expertise isn't enough, they are a pleasure to work with -- I would go so far as to use the word "fun"!"

  • Jim Huffstetler/ President
    Jim Huffstetler/ President, Zero Odor LLC

    “We love the power of an authentic, heartfelt testimonial — few things are more compelling. Over the years, we’ve captured many of those “magic” moments for our clients… and GENUINE is our secret weapon to achieve that. At this point, we’d be scared to work with anyone else…”

  • Nanette Burstein / Producer / Director
    Nanette Burstein / Producer / Director, Hungry Man

    "GENUINE did such an amazing job both on my Lean Cuisine commercial and my Microsoft project.  These kinds of films live and die by the casting and GENUINE has always found the most special subjects that make my commercials shine.  Thank you!"

  • Jennifer Zarrillo / Executive Producer
    Jennifer Zarrillo / Executive Producer, Sawyer Miller | Weber Shandwick

    "GENUINE is a valued production partner of ours, and we thank you for all of the hard work and always delivering!  Regardless of the ask and time frame, GENUINE always finds a way to get things done. Their professionalism and outreach has helped us create successful campaigns that hinged on finding the right talent. GENUINE is always top of mind for our real people casting needs!"

  • Meegan Hanrahan
    Meegan Hanrahan, Senior Content Producer

    "I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the great work you did to find such great real people for our recent spot.  I know how challenging the project was and you guys really delivered!”

  • Adam Callner
    Adam Callner , Producer

    “GENUINE is my first call when I’m approached with a project that involves real people casting.  Their experience and knowledge allows you to formulate the most efficient production plan.  It’s a truly collaborative processes that yields the best possible results!”

  • Katie Bigham / Production Coordinator
    Katie Bigham / Production Coordinator, Identity

    “We have done many jobs with GENUINE over the years, and it is always a pleasure. They work well with our directors and have a full understanding of the creative and budgetary needs of our projects. I would highly recommend GENUINE to anyone looking for consistency, reliability and of course - a strong talent pool!”

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