Children & Adults to nominate the Father Figures in their lives!

GENUINE is looking for:

  • Children and Adults to nominate Father Figures who are not biologically related to them for a video project celebrating what it means to step into the role of “fatherhood,” whether it’s as a full time dad or a second dad or bonus dad! 
  • Stories can be about:
    • Adoptive Fathers
    • Stepdads
    • Godfathers
    • Foster Fathers
    • Coaches
    • Teachers
    • Brothers
    • Fathers-in-Law
    • and other ways a man or male-identifying person in your life showed up as a Father Figure in your life.

We are open to moms of kids, kids, or now-adult kids (ie they are now adults but were kids who had this person as a father figure) nominating the father figures. Father Figures and their Kids will be featured together in the final project.

If selected for the final project, you will be paid €500 (euros) per shoot day for adults and €250 (euros) per shoot day for minors plus additional usage payment (TBD) and featured in a video project.

SUBMIT via this link by 5/5: Father Figures Nomination Form

NYC Tristate-area search.