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We’re proud to have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and most talented creators/teams in the industry. Read below to learn what our clients are saying

Casey Mooney, Producer at Weber Shandwick USAA – “Face the Fight”

“Conversations around suicide require incredible sensitivity. We were very moved by the care that the team at Genuine took with all of the candidates for this effort. The casting interviews, in particular, were evidence of a nuanced display of compassion. I am grateful that we were able to partner with Genuine for this potentially life-saving campaign.”

Amanda Kresge, Producer at Ogilvy UK Dove “Cost of Beauty”

“We appreciate your continued partnership on this job.

It’s been such a huge success so far, which is in large part due to the work from your team. xx”

Sam Ditore - Ditore Mayo Entertainment
Sam Ditore, Executive Producer, Writer & Creative Strategist at Ditore Mayo Entertainment Operation Recon

“Wanted to offer my thanks for the hard work, expertise, and professionalism you all have put into this assignment. You have provided a first class experience from our initial call through the entire casting.

Grateful to have collaborated with you and looking forward to doing it again!”

Roy De La Maza - Saatchi & Saatchi
Roy De La Maza, Associate Producer at Saatchi & Saatchi Walmart “All The Ways We Holiday”

“We can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you guys did in finding us so many amazing families and stories for our Walmart campaign. They are the building blocks that will make this campaign as vibrant, diverse, and REAL as it gets. Great working with you guys on this and looking forward to the next one!”

Eduardo Dañino, Producer at Saatchi & Saatchi Degree “Not Done Yet”

“Genuine did an excellent job on our SF Not Done Yet Marathon campaign. Our request had a lot of filters for the casting search and Genuine still managed to find the perfect pool of runners. They’re a great creative thought partner in helping bring concepts to life and they could not be easier to work with.”

Jon Drawbaugh, Head of Production at Argonaut Cricket Wireless “People Who Come to Cricket, Stay With Cricket”

“We are all so pleased with the work. Cricket is over the moon about it. We couldn’t have done it without Genuine. Literally.”

Jose Barrioa - COVID-19 Vaccine PSA
Jose Barrios, Line Producer at COVID-19 Vaccine PSA

“I can’t thank GENUINE enough for the great cast we ended up with on the COVID-19 Vaccine PSA I produced for the CDC. The images captured are beyond beautiful. Each and every person they found was a pleasure to have on set and they all had a great time!”

Ellen Lacey - C-Space
Ellen Lacey, Associate Director, Content + Production at C-Space Stop & Shop

“You all rocked it. With such a short deadline, we knew we could trust you to find the real talent. Client loves them, we love them. #nothingbeatsreal”

Peter Ostella - Head & Shoulders
Peter Ostella, Executive Producer at Head & Shoulders #HeadstrongAds Super Bowl 2019

“Stop looking around and book these guys now. If you are still reading reviews, you are wasting valuable casting time.”

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