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For decades, GENUINE has been casting Real People in everything from Super Bowl ads to Real People testimonials. No matter the medium, we’ll help you find the most compelling stories for the job.

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Our Expertise

Real People Casting:

We find real people with compelling stories for multimedia campaigns.


While we specialize in Real People, we also serve as a one-stop shop for traditional role casting.


GENUINE finds influencers, experts and content creators at various levels to promote campaigns on social and beyond.

User Generated Content (UGC):

We guide and support Real People to create video content using their own devices.

Healthcare Testimonials:

We work with patient ambassadors, doctors, caregivers, and people living with conditions to share their experiences.

Global Reach:

GENUINE partners with casting teams around the globe for major brand campaigns like Dove, Microsoft, American Express and others!
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For over 30 years, GENUINE has been finding real people with emotionally resonant stories for global consumer brands.

For over a decade, GENUINE has recruited real people for powerful UGC campaigns, the footage for which is created on their own personal devices.

GENUINE’s unique expertise in the pharma space is an asset to healthcare brands looking to connect with real people to feature powerful stories in advertising.

Genuine Real People Services

GENUINE Presentation:

Tap into our wealth of Real People casting expertise and get the inside scoop on how to best approach your next project with more ease.

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