For over 30 years… Smart, strategic and intuitive, our team is uniquely qualified to develop the methodology and approach that’s best tailored to your brand. Over the years, we have found a way to make even the most challenging casting requests a reality. Whatever the idea – bring it on!

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Time-tested Process.

What makes us unique is a structured, proven approach born out of 30 years of experience. That process fosters consistent communication, organization, and creative magic at the finish line.

Compliance with compassion.

From researching, recruiting, and casting all the way through production, we manage the process so you don’t have to. We support, guide, and prep real people for a successful shoot.

Privacy & Security Guidelines.

We take privacy, security, and HIPAA protocols seriously. We strictly adhere to guidelines every step of the way to cut through red tape and ensure your project is buttoned up in every way.

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