GENUINE - The Real People Company

We’re kind. We’re smart. We love our work. We keep it REAL!

Our skilled, experienced, and high-EQ interviewers create a safe space that builds trust with real people and patients. Meet the real people behind GENUINE: The Real People Company

Chiara Mazzanti

Casting Assistant
Chiara is a multilingual casting assistant with a zest for interpersonal connections. At GENUINE, she navigates the art of people-finding across different cultures whether she’s speaking with them in English, Italian, or her native language, Spanish. In here free time she enjoys picking up a good book, watching movies and embroidery!

The Rest of Us!

Michael Natter

Technical Officer

Cecilia Kurachi Ube

Casting Assistant

Franchesca Agramonte

Casting Associate

Lucy Locke

Project Manager, Casting Director

Taylor Carey

Project Manager, Casting Director

Gina Boyer

Project Manager, Casting Director

Kourtny Myers

Casting Associate

Sara Conte

Business Development Manager, Casting & Content Solutions

Gina Liotti

Head of Production

Angelique von Thun

Director of Business & Operations

Jennifer Kitchin

Executive Producer

Jill Strickman

Founder, President, CEO