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A Campaign of Impact:
How Reached
Record-Breaking Enrollments.

A Campaign of Impact: How Reached Record-Breaking Enrollments

Laying the Foundation in 2021

In 2021, under the first-ever special enrollment campaign initiated by the Biden-Harris Administration and in response to the urgent need for healthcare coverage, GENUINE: The Real People Company was hired by Weber Shandwick to support the campaign. This collaboration, powered by the improvements made to the American Rescue Plan of 2021, focused on increasing public awareness about the improved accessibility and affordability of healthcare plans. GENUINE was vital in identifying real individuals to share how they saved on health insurance through, including part-time workers, young adults, active individuals, new and existing families, and the self-employed. These diverse testimonials emphasized the platform’s role in providing stability and peace of mind during uncertain times. The campaign successfully set a new benchmark for enrollments, reflecting its expansive impact and the effective communication of these varied options.

Building on Success: The 2022 Campaign

Leveraging the groundwork laid in the previous year, GENUINE was hired to continue its collaboration by casting real people whose stories vividly illustrated the life-changing benefits of The creative direction provided by our client aimed to deepen the audience’s connection through authentic narratives that highlighted the positive impacts of the platform on individuals and families nationwide. GENUINE’s expertise in selecting and nurturing these stories was pivotal, contributing to a record enrollment of 14.5 million people. This achievement emphasized the critical importance of accessible healthcare and the power of real testimonials in driving meaningful engagement.

Surpassing Milestones: The 2023 Campaign

As a result of continued, growing success, GENUINE was brought on for a third year in a row to focus on finding diverse people to spotlight real-life experiences during the open enrollment period. This campaign emphasized finding health plans that met specific needs, such as plans that offer comprehensive mental health protections. GENUINE cast a wide net to include Spanish-speaking individuals, enhancing the campaign’s inclusivity and reach. The stories shared helped people quickly and easily find health plans that best suited their unique circumstances, contributing to a historic enrollment of 15.3 million individuals.



Established a foundation of trust and increased awareness of the enhanced benefits of healthcare plans available through


Demonstrated the tangible benefits of through authentic stories, achieving a milestone of 14.5 MILLION enrollments.


Surpassed previous years with enrollments reaching 15.3 MILLION, highlighting the growing trust and dependence on

A Final Word

At GENUINE, we believe in the transformative power of real stories and the humanity they bring to advertising.

Our ongoing work with stands as a testament to this belief, highlighting how real testimonials can not only build trust with consumers but also drive meaningful action.

In an era increasingly dominated by digital interfaces and AI, the credibility of real people sharing their experiences has never been more important. Our success with reinforces the continued value of human connection in advertising, demonstrating that real stories not only resonate but also have the power to change lives by encouraging critical health coverage decisions. We’re proud to have played a role in this historic achievement, and we remain committed to empowering real people to share their stories, fostering a deeper connection between campaigns and the communities they aim to serve. This campaign underscores the critical role of inclusivity, authenticity, and compassion in reaching out to and engaging communities, making healthcare accessible to all.

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